How to get a keg

keg-sizesEver thought about pouring Elliott Bay beer at home, at your next cookout, family gathering, holiday party, or wedding reception? Now you can! We sell a variety of different sized kegs, complete with tapping equipment, to keep you and your guests entertained with FRESH, AWARD-WINNING, CERTIFIED ORGANIC BEER.

Kegs are available are available in 1/6 bbl (41 pints), 1/4bbl (62 pints) and 50l (105 pints) sizes. To inquire about pricing, availability, or to place your order now, call our Burien location at 206-246-4211 or Lake City at 206-365-2337 and we can set you up. While we try to maintain an inventory of some of our most popular beers, please allow a week for special orders.

sankeyKeeping Your ELLIOTT BAY KEG Happy!

First, take a look at the tap. What you have is a “Sankey”-style party pump. Before getting started, make sure the faucet end of the beer line (“Cobra-head”) is in the off/closed position. The lever should be perpendicular to the beer line and not stuck open, otherwise the beer will flow…like on your shoes.

The lever on tapping device (the part connected to the keg) should be disengaged with the handle pulled out and up (see photo). Place the tap in the top of the keg collar—the two tabs on the keg collar should match the two grooves on the tap. Gently twist the tap clock-wise into the keg collar. When it feels snug, pull the tap lever handle out and down. You’ll get a feel for it—as there’s no half-tap. It’s either in there or it isn’t.


Use the CO2 pressure in the keg to pour your first beers before pumping. When you (or your buddy) starts pumping, remember “slow and steady” wins the race. Over-pumping will lead to overly foamy beer and nobody likes that.

Keep the keg on ice – a bag or two on top and around the keg will keep it cold and tasty and everybody likes that.

If you don’t kill the keg the first night, un-tap the keg (tap lever handle pulled out and up) and ice it down. Following these procedures might get you 4 or 5 days. Eventually, though, the beer will go flat but not bad. It’s akin to a soda can – once oxygen gets in, the clock starts ticking.

From all of us here at Elliott Bay, thanks for keeping it ORGANIC and LOCAL. Cheers!