No Doubt Stout

Smooth yet robust with hints of roasted coffee.

Hops do not dominate this style. Instead, a smooth creaminess lingers as a result of the use of flaked oats in the mash.

Parts of the bitter character of this beer comes from the roasted barley. Rich, robust, and silky smooth, our stout sports a malty aroma and mild bitterness.

Stouts are black ales that owe their character to roasted barley. They originated from England, Ireland, Russia, and Scandinavia and are found in “dry” (Guinness), “sweet,” “imperial,” and “oatmeal” varieties.

Our stout is most like an oatmeal stout. Most stouts, aside from the “imperial” type, are not the thick, syrupy, high-alcohol beers that many people believe them to be.

ABV: 6.3
IBU: 32
Malt Profile: Organic Pale, Organic Roast, Organic Caramel blend, Organic Chocolate, Organic Black, Organic Flaked Oats
Hop Varieties: Ahtanum, Cascade