Our Team

As a group, we come together in a belief that we are here to offer a truly “world-class” public house experience right here in the Seattle area.

Meet the Elliott Bay Leadership team:

Todd Carden, Co-Owner

Working with Elliott Bay since: 1997

Passionate about: Creating a place where everyone feels welcome.  This transcends both my personal and professional life.  Over the past 18 years we have created three unique neighborhood pubs that have been embraced by our community and the great people who work for us.  I am also lucky to have two healthy and athletically talented kids who keep me engaged supporting their busy burgeoning interests.  Balancing career and family is what it is all about.

Favorite EB Beer: I love hoppy beers the most, but have a huge appreciation for all of the creative beers out talented brewers are creating.  I am also super excited about our growing barrel program and think sour beers will become much more accepted as consumers get introduced to them.

If I’m not here I’m: At a soccer match for one of my kids or out navigating the inland waters of Washington and Canada on my boat.

Brent Norton, Co-Owner

Working with Elliott Bay since: 1997

Passionate about: Staying connected to the community and supporting local businesses.

Favorite EBB Story: Really, everyday is a new and fascinating story at EBBC, best to be shared with friends and beers.

Favorite EB Beer: What can I say, I’m really kind of a hop head, but alway look forward to the fresh hop brews that we do during the harvest season.

If I’m not here I’m: I’m spending as much time as I can with my 2 growing kids, traveling, training for triathlons, and of course touring other breweries.

Doug Hindman, Brewery Ops Manager
Working with Elliott Bay Brewing since: 1997

Passionate About: Making and eating Spanish meals paired with a robust red Rioja, continuing to learning more about the science behind what makes beer tick, and traveling to distant lands to encounter the unique traditions of far-flung cultures.

Favorite EBB Story: Every spring I look forward to working with a new Guest Brewer to develop a recipe to celebrate West Seattle’s anniversary. It’s great to get to know fellow brewers a little better and to get a sense of how they think about recipe development. We often employ novel brewing techniques and ingredients, so that, too, makes the experience unique and expands our horizons.

Favorite EBB Beer: Anything with “IPA” in the name.

If I’m not here I’m: Hanging out with my grandson, “Little Buddy” Liam.

Victoria Gronley, HR Manager

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: Meeting new people and learning new things. The restaurant industry gives you the opportunity to meet and work with some pretty amazing people.

Favorite EBB story: Whether attending a street fair or craft brewing event, I love hearing the many stories of how much our pubs mean to people and the great memories that have been made there!

Favorite EBB Beer: Although I do love the Riot Pale Ale, the new Elliott Bay private label Syrah has become on of my favorites.

If  I’m not working I am: Out and about with my dogs Lucy and Rikki. The majority of my free time in the summer is spent at dog events raising money to keep our local shelters “no kill.”

James Goodman, West Seattle Head Brewer

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: New hops and new beer styles. There is always something new to learn in the brewing world as new ingredients become available, old beer styles are reimagined and new research is done on best practices and brewery science. Also, sharing knowledge with staff and customers about all things beer.

Favorite EBB Story: I love fresh hop beers, but find the general public doesn’t hold the same reverence for the herbaceous subtlety and resinous pollen filled flavor of the fleeting fresh hop season. The 2015 release of the Better Than Christmas Mosaic pale shattered my expectations when the beer sold out in less than 2 weeks, there were murmurings around the bar for months after it was gone, and many regulars wanted more (so did I).

My favorite EBB beer: Whatever wasn’t on tap last week, variety is stimulating. I love the seasonal varieties we offer, particularly the dry hoppy beers, but I also love sours like the Big Pun.

If I’m not working I am: Cooking fancy food, gardening fancy vegetables and riding fancy bikes.


Luke Sevigney, West Seattle Pub Manager

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: Helping to create and be part of a fun, friendly, and welcoming space. I love providing a place that encourages community growth, where a simple conversation can evolve into a lasting relationship. Oh, and I can’t forget those Seahawks!

Favorite EBB Story: No other story describes Elliott Bay to me more than the legend that is Logan. He came into our lives almost immediately when the doors opened in Burien not knowing any of us. Now, it would be hard to imagine the pub without him. If you’re fortunate enough to sit next to him on your first visit, you’ll get a full history of the pub, its people, and most likely a variety of other great stories littered with smiles and laughter. If you know our Burien pub, you know Logan.

Favorite Beer: On the daily, Hellmouth, a well-balanced Imperial IPA with just enough sweetness for me. But when I see Fauntleroy Imperial Stout on the board, it’s hard to resist that gold-medal-winning deliciousness.

If I’m not working I am:  Enjoying time with friends and family, watching a good movie, or cheering the Hawks on to their next Super Bowl victory—with a great craft beer in my hand, of course.

John Finneson, West Seattle Chef

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: Sustainable food sources. Bicycles, especially off-road. My wife. Soup.

Favorite EBB Story: No one single story sticks out in my mind. As far as I’m concerned, the story never ends. It just keeps evolving.

My favorite EBB beer: The yearly fresh-hop ale—get it while you can!

If I’m not working I am: Riding my bike, tending to my garden, smoking meat in my back yard, eating someone else’s food at another restaurant.

Roger Iberlucea, West Seattle Operations Chef

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: I’m passionate about my family and I am really passionate about food, the art and meticulous craft behind it. You can never learn everything about food, there is always something new. I love trying new techniques and mastering them.

Favorite EBB Story: After a particularly hard week, a six-year-old child asked to meet the chef. He then proceeded to let me know that the burger I had made him was the best he had ever eaten. He wrote me a note and drew a picture. It’s still hanging on my fridge 2 years later.

My favorite EBB beer: Definitely Demolition. But I do love the Hellmouth too—I get it any chance I can.

If I’m not working I am: Enjoying time with my family!

Tom Keranen, Burien Head Brewer

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: I love exploring the Northwest, playing music, and brewing unique high-quality beers. I’m constantly looking at new ingredients that could be used in the brewing process, whether that is while I’m backpacking in a national park or checking out another brewery.

Favorite EBB Story: The first night I came into town. I had driven from South Bend, into Burien, WA in about 3 days, and was extremely exhausted. I was greeted with a Philly cheese steak and a sample platter of our beers. The bar was full of life and it instantly filled me with energy and took away any tiredness I had felt from the long road trip.

My favorite EBB beer: Coffee Stout

If I’m not working I am: In a park hiking, on a mountain snowboarding, or exploring some new town or city.

Dianna Cox, Burien Pub Manager

Dan Ashley, Lake City Head Brewer

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate about: I am passionate about barrel aging beers. I love the new types of flavors and combinations that are created by the time the beers spends in barrels—whether that is infusing the flavor of the previous inhabitant of the barrel into the beer, adding fruit or creating and maintaining an environment inside the barrel that is conducive to the microorganisms that turn a beer sour. Barrel aging has opened up a whole new palate of flavors to the standard beer lineup, and I love the look on people’s faces when they’ve had a barrel aged beer that has totally changed their opinion of what beer is supposed to taste like.

Favorite EBB Story: My favorite memory every year is the time spent at the Elliott Bay Barrel Aged Invitational, hanging out with my co-Elliott Bay brewers and the guest brewers talking about the barrel aging process and enjoying the best beers we have all created.

My favorite EBB beer: Whatever is on the Barrel Aged tapline—Big Pun Flanders Bruin and Bourbon Barrel Aged Fauntleroy in particular.

If I’m not working I am: Playing baseball or soccer, watching the A’s or the Sounders, or barbecuing dinner for friends on my smoker.

Brooks Gay, Lake City Pub Manager

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate About: Movies, especially science fiction.

Favorite EBB Story: When I worked in West Seattle back in 2007, and the power went out all over West Seattle. The pub was one of the only places that still had power and everyone came in for lunch and dinner. Halfway through the day, we lost our computers and credit card system. It was pretty hectic, but got better when the managers from the other pubs came in to support us on their day off. We all were very thankful.

Favorite EBB Beer: Elliott Bay Dry Hopped IPA. There’s nothing else like it.

If I’m not here I’m: Spending time with my family.

Will Pearson, Lake City Pub Manager

Working with Elliott Bay since:

Passionate About: Community. Having been at our Lake City location since it opened, I love watching individuals come together and the relationships that have grown here as strangers become friends.

Favorite EBB Story: The power went out in the neighborhood right before a pre-season Seahawks game. We were already shorthanded, but everyone came together and helped each other and we made it to the end of the night one way or another!

Favorite EBB Beer: LCW IPA never lets me down.

If I’m not here I’m: At home with a good book and my cats.

Emily Ericson, Lake City Pub Manager

Working with Elliott Bay since: 2019

Passionate About: Providing a happy and safe environment for both staff as well as guests. Building long lasting and influential relationships within the community. Exploring what the PNW has to offer, all while taking pictures of just about everything under our golden and hazy sun.

Favorite Elliott Bay Beer: Between our barrel-aged and sour program I’m torn between the Bramble On and Big Pun.

If I’m not here I’m:  On a wild adventure or visiting family and friends back home in the SF Bay area.

Julie MonaghanBrother Barrel Manager

Working with Elliott Bay since: 2018

Passionate about: Hospitality. I want everyone who walks in the door to feel comfortable and happy that they chose to come in. I want to give people the type of experience that will keep them coming back.

Favorite EBB story: I met Brent, Todd, and Doug in the mid 90’s working at Maritime Pacific Brewing Company. We quickly bonded over our love of beer and educating others about all of the great styles and varieties being brewed in Seattle. I am excited to now be a part of the Elliott Bay family and continue this journey with them.

Favorite EBB Beer: My go-to is the Lake City IPA but I always love to try the new beers our brewer’s are creating for our barrel-aged program.

If I am not here I am: Enjoying time with family and friends. I love to cook a big meal and invite people over to share it with some great beer or wine!