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Elliott Bay Brewing Co. takes a very progressive approach to the practicing sustainability. We believe in taking charge of choices that influence quality of life…whether globally, locally or individually.  From large to small, we have made conscious commitments over the years to minimize our impact on the environment, and to support those who operate with a similar philosophy.

Since our founding in 1997, we have proactively made choices to reduce and recycle.  Our kitchens support our goals by purchasing free-range, all-natural beef and chicken; by supporting businesses employing sustainable fishing; and by buying local additive- and preservative-free bread baked with spent grain from our brewing process.  Our composting efforts are second to none and include the use of 100% compostable paper products, to-go utensils, and packaging products.  When taking food from the Pubs to-go, the clean-up is easy: everything goes into the compost bin, packaging and all.

We have also taken steps to improve our facility efficiencies.  Since 2004 we have purchased wind power credits and have retrofitted all of our lighting with high efficiency products.  In 2006 we led a push to move our brewpub and the West Seattle Junction to 100% compostability and recyclability, thereby reducing our garbage pick-up from 8 yards a week to only two yards per week.  Our waste oil is even picked up by a local biodiesel company and recycled into bio fuel, which comes in handy for our diesel-powered company truck.

USDA Certified Organic SealOne of our defining philosophical decisions was, in 2005, to begin using organic barley in all of our house-brewed beers. In 2008, Elliott Bay Brewhouse & Pub in Burien became the first Certified Organic brewery in King County. A year later, the West Seattle brewpub followed suit and became fully certified.   Not only do our customers appreciate these efforts, but we have some really happy farm animals consuming our organic spent grain.

Salad and glass of wineWe feel that supporting a healthy lifestyle is also part of our sustainability mission. We support healthy choices by offering our customers hand-crafted Certified Organic beers as well as multiple vegetarian and low-fat menu options.  We support numerous athletic teams ranging from swimming, to soccer, to baseball, to cycling…heck we even have two bowling teams.  We strongly believe in a company culture that promotes longevity of service and a healthy life-work balance for our crew members.

These are just a few of the ways Elliott Bay Brewing Co. hopes to support and promote sustainability in our community. We believe that many small choices add up to many big impacts.